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  • Author: Kurt H. Asplundh
  • Publisher: General Church Book Center
  • Publication Date: 1987
  • Total Pages: 68

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A Visit from Johnny Appleseed and Other Stories

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This little book of children's stories from the Reverend Kurt H. Asplundh has been requested by a number of the parents of little children. Weare most happy to give it to our New Church public.

Mr. Asplundh wrote these delightful little tales while he was a student in the Academy Theological School. Prior to his study of theology he had been graduated in 1952 from the Boys School of the Academy of the New Church and attended 1 year at the Academy College. He then spent three years at Amherst College, where he received his B.A. degree. Mr. Asplundh returned to the Academy where he and his classmate, the Reverend Douglas Taylor, were given a four-year course in Theology.

Thus prepared, he has lent his excellent talents to the production of these children's stories. Most of them are about children in the spiritual world.

A glance at the titles fills us with curiosity. From a tale about Johnny Appleseed we see many interesting traits of personality, and the laws of the spiritual world brought out, but always in such a way as to appeal to children. Weare most happy to have been given an opportunity to publish this book.

-K. R. Alden, August 1961

A Visit from Johnny Appleseed

A long time ago when the forests covered the land and Indians hunted for deer, there lived a pioneer family on a lonely farm west of the Appalachian Mountains. There wasn't much food to eat and the whole family had to work very hard, but still they were proud to be pioneers.

It was Pete's chore to carry water from the spring. Little Willy, Pete's brother, came running down the path from the log cabin to help him carry. "The Indians will catch you if you stay in the woods," he said.

"I'm not afraid of Indians," said Pete.
"I think there's Indians in there now," said Willy.

Pete laughed. "That's just the wind in the trees," he said. Some leaves rustled in the forest.

"That is Indians!" yelled Willy. He started to run away.
"I'm not afraid," said Pete. But he started walking faster.

Water splashed out of the pail. UWait for me," he yelled, and ran full speed for the cabin.

Suddenly, a tall skinny man with a long black beard stepped out of the forest. He was dressed in tattered clothes and he had a heavy sack, but no shoes.

"That's no Indian," said Pete.
" 'Tis too," said Willy. "He's going to put us in that old sack and carry us away."

Just then Pete's father came running toward the cabin to see what the commotion was all about. "It's Johnny Appleseed," he cried happily. The men shook hands.

Johnny Appleseed spied the boys and his eyes twinkled.

"Do you boys like apples?" he asked. He held out two.

Pete remembered the cool sweet taste of apples and rushed to take a bite.

"Look at it first, boy!" said Johnny Appleseed. "Hold it by the stem and behold a wonderful sight. See how round it is! Look at its color! See how the skin is tight and smooth. Now bite," he said. UIt will taste the better for having been admired."

It was the best apple Pete had ever tasted. Juice trickled back along his tongue. He took another bite.

Willy had crept up behind Pete on tiptoes. He watched Pete chew the apple. "Is it good?" he whispered. "I've never had an apple before."

Johnny Appleseed held up the remaining apple. "It is very beautiful and ripe," he said. He set it on a stump and went away to talk with Pete's and Willy's father.

Willy stood in front of the stump with his hands tight behind his back. "I won't eat it," he said.

"I'll eat it," said Pete.

Willy grabbed the apple off the stump. "Maybe I'll just smell it to see if it smells good," he said. Willy held up the apple and sniffed carefully. "Smells good," he said. "Are you sure Johnny Appleseed's not an Indian?"

Table of Contents

A Visit from Johnny Appleseed .............. 1

The Little Boy Without a Name .............. 6

Eric's Birthday Suit ....................... 11

By Wagon to Church ......................... 15

Pete and Willy in Heaven ................... 22

Pete and Willy Visit the Moon .............. 33

Lonesome Willy ............................. 39

The Smallest Second Grader ................. 49

A Song for Swedenborg ...................... 55

The Battle with Giants ..................... 60

The Forgetful Sisters ...................... 65

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